In Da Beginning Was da Blog

July 19, 205

I debated whether I’d blog again. On one hand, I mostly feel like I have nothing to say and, if I did have something to say there is some one “-er” than me. -Er, you ask? You know someone bettER, smartER, coolER. Another aspect of the whole thing is that I can tend to overshare and be vulnerable. I’ve been to enough conferences, festivals, and on social media enough lately to get that a social media/blogger/twitter presence is possibly not only just super trendy but almost expected. So, here we go…

I pastor an intimate church in a coastal city in my home state of North Cackalacky. I’ve been at the church ten months. It is my first ordained call. What you should know about my context…

1) I am a SBF pastor who pastors a predominately black church.

2) I was baptized in this church, visited often in the summer and am related to some members/

3) There is a significant number of years between myself and the bulk of the congregation.

4) My official title is “part-time, interim, designated pastor(or maybe it is teaching elder). That’s a lot of modifiers!

5) Oh and I am for better or worse PCUSA. Presbyterian Church U.S.A