The Ruler's Back

 February 22, 2015

I wonder if I can make Jay-Z relate to every post I write about ministry. That would be super dope, right? I am already gonna’ claim that that’s highly unlikely. I received the blessing of friendship this afternoon in a conversation with a dear friend who I’ve known since college, in spite of a session meeting where per usual I wondered what I am doing, I admitted that I am enjoying be a pastor.  Here’s a few simple facts/observations as I love lists.

1. There is a Sunday every week and that means a sermon every week.

2. The longer you stay with people, the more you will find yourself endeared to them.

3. Why do so many great people die so unexpectedly?

4. I don’t know if I have the power to bring back a church on the brink of death.

5.Sometimes I wonder if churches want to die but carry to much shame about admitting it.

6. I once was agist.

7. It takes a long time to learn a community.

8. I don’t pray enough.

9. I love hearing people’s stories.

10. The best way to get to know my congregation does not happen on Sunday mornings.

11. When you get excited about the possibilities/opportunities/ and challenges does that mean you are where you should be?

12. There is a Sunday every week.

13. People do make the world go ’round.